Sqribble Review, How To Create And Make Money With Ebooks For 2021?

Hi my dear readers, Richard here from Search Beats, and welcome to another informative product review. Today I want to go through a product called Sqribble; I recently bought this software to help me create E-books and checklists for my business. Sqribble has actually been out for a while, it is from Adele Chaudhary and Alli Chaudhary, and it’s actually on the Clickbank network.

I purchased this product, but I thought I would do this quick review because I have noticed a few discounts on at the moment. Here are the major points that we will go through in this article:

An overview of the product .

I will show you how to make money with Sqribble.

We will have a good look at the sales page.

Then, I will summarize everything, so you have enough information to decide whether to purchase Sqribble or not.

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What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a cool tool that lets you create amazing eBooks and reports within 5 minutes without typing a word. Therefore, if you want to learn how to create eBooks to sell, or use as lead magnets so you could grow your email list, this is a great tool for you.

Therefore, if you have been marketing online, you’ll notice that lead magnets like eBooks and reports are a powerful way to build your email list or to simply sell for a small margin. You also know that creating an eBook or a lead magnet is time consuming. You have to create the cover design, write the eBook and format it. This could become very overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before, and that is why this new product caught my attention.

You have probably seen many of these tools out there, the difference between scribble and other eBook creator is that with the other ones, you get crappy templates and they always have bugs. In addition, the other tools on the market do not have reliable customer service and they often require additional tools to be able to use it.

Here are the major points that set Scribble apart from other eBook creators:

  • Great eBooks covers and templates included.
  • Automatic table of content option.
  • Automatic headers and footers option.
  • It has also a drag-and-drop design possibility.
  • You are able to add or delete pages.
  • You are able to add your own media if you need, like your own images.
  • Comes with 300 google fonts.
  • It brings 50 eBooks templates in 15 different niches.
  • Options of 10 different eBooks themes.

Sqribble is not some kind of touch button software, it is a place where you develop lead magnets and then use for your business. It comes with a free commercial license, which means you can actually use it straightaway to sell to others.

It is obvious that this product will make you money since it actually creates leads magnets or eBooks that you can sell it to others. Let’s now explain how you can make money with this ebook creator.

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How to make money with Sqribble?

Sell eBooks on Amazon

Number one, obviously, you can create yourself a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account and start publishing your very own eBooks. KDP is a fantastic way to make money online since you can sell your ebooks directly on Amazon.com. If you can leverage the traffic of Amazon, you will make hundreds of dollars every day.

One of the best strategies when it comes to KDP and Amazon is publishing eBooks about trending topics. By simply uploading eBooks to the Amazon marketplace, you can generate a lot of sales. The great thing about Sqribble is that it can generate eBooks in Kindle format straight away instead of paying someone else to do it.

Create e-books for lead generation

If you want to promote a weight-loss product like the keto diet, then you would create an e-book about the keto diet, give it away for free and get paid for the generated lead.

If you are an email marketer, you can build an email list using this ebook by giving it away for free and collecting emails. You may ask me what can I do with these emails? You can do a variety of things like promoting affiliate products by sending you links via emails, selling email lists in Solo Ads websites, or get traffic to your own website.

Create e-books for lead generation

You have probably heard of Fiverr.com, it is notorious for getting really cheap and decent quality online services. The good news is that there is is over 14,000 services related to eBooks on Fiverr. There is eBooks formatting, eBook covers, and all sorts of things even creating eBooks.

Therefore, there is clearly a lot of demand for these services, and each one of these gigs have many orders, which means that they make a decent amount of money.

What you have to do is to find one of the bestselling gigs, and simply tweak it a little bit so you are not completely copying it. Then go ahead and charge 20 bucks for the starter fee and 25 dollars or more for additional pages.

Build an e-book creation service website

If you go to Google and type something like “eBook creation services”, you will see that ads are the first thing that comes up. What this means is that there are people advertising this sort of services, so it is obvious that there is likely money to be earned since they are spending to find customers for this service.

I saw some sites trying to sell eBook creation services for $49 with a 48-hour delivery deadline. If you use Sqribble, it is going to take you less than 10 minutes to actually create an e-book and deliver it to the customer.

Within your website, you can provide other ebooks related services such as converting e-books. Sqribble can help you enormously with that, all what you have to do is to upload Word document and the software will design your eBook according to right format (kindle, Mobi, Epub, pdf or others).

You can also charge your customers for cover design and print formatting, which scribble does all for you. Moreover, you can even charge per word, so there is a lot of money to be made in just this little area.

Use it with spin re-writer  

What if I tell you that you can Google a specific topic from blogs, copy it, paste it and generate an eBook without any copyright issues?

This stuff is possible if you use another software, in addition to Sqribble. This technique is called spinning; it generates many versions of the same text using synonyms.

The software that I use personally for this business is called spin rewriter. What it does is producing lots and many different articles you can utilize for your eBooks. The power of this software is its capacity to generate unique pieces of content because all the words have been spun with different synonyms.

Sales Page Analysis

Sqribble is sold on Clickbank, which is the largest online marketplace for digital products. What I like about this online retailer is the 30-day guarantee that you get whenever you buy a product, so there is always an ironclad guarantee, which makes it risk-free trying Sqribble.

Sqribble also comes with a huge discount that make it only $67, which is an unbeatable price copared to other solutions in the market.


As described above, Sqribble is gold mine for making money online by creating eBooks, you just need to know how to use it and get the most out of it.

If you are a business owner? you can use it for lead generation. Freelancers can use it for portfolios and stuff like that. Content creators can use it for their blogs and social media marketing. YouTubers can use it for creating eBook giveaways. And finally, If you are an affiliate marketer, you can use this software as a PLR content creation machine.

It really does not matter who or what industry you are in, there is usually a way to use Sqribble for your business. Therefore, now that you have an understanding of how effective this software can be potentially for your business, go ahead and get yours today as the promotion is still running.

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